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I had to support after being about an hour in. This game so hilarious.

Apprieciated! :)


The games humor is imaculate, i cant wait to see more of this game

how do you update the game if you already have the game? just download the patch and it automatically updates my game?

When you download a new version, you're downloading the full game rather than a patch. So you can delete the old game folder and then extract and play the new one. Just remember to copy over your saves. They are in  "GoblinLayer/www/save".

thank you !!


this game is top 5, this shit funny as hell. please add more whenever you can and in abundance 

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Virus total Tecent scanner labelled the game.exe as a trojan bitcoin miner.

i dont know might be a false positive

nothing is free my friend 

looks like its only tencent. Sometimes it happens with rpgmaker games. But I reuploaded to be safe.


yeah I got similar results on other rpg maker games.

its most likely a false positive.


The cheese is to die for.


man when the mc said to that woman in the armor shop "i ain't green" and simply left i knew this game was good 


Glory to the dev. "NTR is the thinking goblin's fetish" is not what I expected, not what I knew I needed, but certainly was what I ultimately needed.

yeah i dont much like ntr, but im glad that one goblin bro was enjoying it.


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you are putting into making it. I hope you are doing well, staying safe, and I wish you the best.

Thank you :)

will there be pregnancy



Dev's tried so hard to make this game funny. It sorta is, because it's a parody I guess

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The game is actualy realy fun as a parody on a Goblin Slayer :D

Definetely worth the time playing. It is made as a 2D rpg, but also have actualy very good 3D animations. Gameplay is good and balanced. The story... well, it is decent for such game, no complaints here :)

Thank you developer, I think I will follow you. Looking forward for future updates ;)

P.S. Parodos, do you accidentely know a game called Hero Harem Guild? There is side character (MC's best bro) called Jimmy always wearing nearly the same helmet as Goblin Layer wears... so I thought maybe you could make a collaboration with Komisari (HHG developer)? It could be something realy interesting ;)


Haven't heard of it, but now I'm gonna have to check it out :)

Can you give me some other links of the game please!

Goblin Layer 0.32 | Parodos on Patreon

You can try downloading from the patreon if Itch doesnt work



How to fix this?

What were you doing in the game when you got the error?

I got it right after I started the game. 

I'm playing on joiplay emulator. 


I'm not sure about how to fix issues when playing on emulator, but I will try to see if I can find some solution


That means that you need to restart the game it may be like that be cause they may have updated the game and your progress may not be saved 


i tried different emulator and it works. Seems like a emulator bug. 

Will you ever release a mobile version?

Yea, but when its closer to being finished. You can try Joiplay tho, I heard people say it works


it works pretty well, i have been playing harem hotel there and it is going smoothly 

While i was downloading the game it say's forbidden? How can i download the game need help?

I dunno, download works fine when I test it. Maybe its your browser or anti-virus false alarm?

Ok thanks

Got this error during the farm girl milking scene.

and the game dose not do any thing other than showing a black screen.

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There's a fix in the devlog :) Scroll down to the bottom

Goblin Layer 0.3 Public Release! Info & Help - Goblin Layer (NSFW 18+) by Parodos (


Thanks 👍

Town Music still plays during the JoJo's test animation 

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If it's just during the test anim, that's ok :) Thanks for reporting !

the new update (0.27) is not showing up for download on Itch. says that 0.26 is the most recent 


Does it work now?


yup, shows up as its own download


this fucking game is glorious keep it up

You can mess the game up at the Patrons door knock. If you choose LEAVE instead of KNOCK and press a few arrow keys, the game locks up.

Thx for reporting, will fix


"griffith did nothing wrong" NOW THATS HOW YOU TAUNT ENEMIES!


that one goblin: "nice."

shit got me a-rolling. 10 out of 10, would die laughing again.

Just clarification, current build only has 2 goblins and 1 scene with the lady on the bath 1 from the alchemist only that right?

It sounds correct for 0.25.

Thank you kindly for all your support so far! Currently working hard on the next chapter of the story!

Question: No matter when I go talk to the armor lady, she says "Ah... you again." Was there an intro cutscene for her that I missed, or is that just how she says hello?

Love the game so far, can't wait for there to be more.

glad you like the game & I'll add that to the fix list. There's supposed to be an intro for her but I might've messed up the trigger for it.

Hey what's up nice work my man but can you please port it to android is it possible?

I will try later when the game is more developed. In the meantime try joiplay, some other people have said it works


Oh thank you ver much I didn't knew about it ❤️


I LOVE this so much! I want to play the full version!!!

when you ask the lockpick girl the question twice the whole UI is gone and input is not working

Hopefully a android version is made. I would love to play it.


i played with joiplay and it works perfectly fine

I'll have to try that. Thanks


yo dude, ur game was in falcon's youtube. i think a lot more ppl will support you. wish u all the best. 


His voiceovers made everything 10 times better, I kinda want to add them to game lol






very  well


Love this game so far...

Love the story

Love the characters

Love the content

 keep up the awesome job/work you are doing  #Parodos

Thanks, I'll keep working then :D


This is the best thing ever made


hey parodos pls give me code to the patreon in private bro im not to broke i lied im just bored


good game, i like it


what to do after 2nd goblin? (forest cave one)


its the end of the main story . I'm working on more :)

It's possible there's some more stuff to do around town, so you can try talking to people.


come back, theres two more now


no worries, i'm still following the update lol

ah, thats good


is there Futa content in this game


Not at the moment. Dunno if I will add.


Will there be an android version?

I think in the future I will try to put it on android as well.


hi thanks for the quick reply. 

Its looks great, so i look forward to it thanks.


whats the password


If you mean the door in the inn, its a bonus/cheat room for some of the patreon tiers.

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