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All animations excluding the actual battle animations have a heavy amount of lag and occasional crashes, is there any way I can fix this? (I have lighting effects set to off and I have using the 0433windows version)

Do you mean the 3d animations (like the actual "scenes") or all animations in general except battle anims? 

Whats your graphic card/memory? The game shouldn't be very resource intensive, but its worth asking.

After the attack I get this error:

you can hit retry some times but when it comes to load the animation it gets stuck.

pushing retry many times until you get here:

And then nothing more. 

Hope this is helpful

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I face the same problem but I have a solution

1. Go to www/img/characters folder in game folder

2. Fing and copy AAGoblinsWalk.rpgmv and past it there and rename that as AAGoblinsWalk - kopia.rpgmv

Problem solved.

If it helps you then, recommend me another game ; )


It worked, thank you VERY much.

So I recommend you "VIRTUES" or "Mythic Manor" cause they have a lot of updates to be played, and "Weird Sh*t is Going to Happen" cause it's pretty crazy and fun. If you don't know the yet!

Aman22112005's solution will usually fix any "failed to load errors" 

I will make an official fix as well for the next update, of course :-)


How do I it extract it on mac?


It's a zip file, so I think just double click? I don't use a mac, so not 100% sure

didn't open(


The game itself or the zip file containing the game?

Game itself win 10


My game freezes after the second encounter with Succ Ubus. It shows the warp animation and then is stuck on that scene even after restarting the game.


I think this should be fixed in the later versions, but let me now if you get the same issue after 0.42.8 or later

Is there a way to rest after visiting Grindr? CVant figure how to do it. The party is injured need to recharge mana and stuff.


Yea, you can rest at Farm girl's farm. It's north of of town, and there's a bed inside on the ground floor.



Thanks for the free game. Looks fun. I'm downloading it now.

But downloading it from mega is a real hassle for me. Mega is slow, crashes my webbrowser and even has a maximum daily download limit. Sadly many other games like this on itch did not get the upload file size limit lifted by itch staff, and even more sadly many of those games creators also use mega for uploading, so I have to carefully choose only a few of them to download at each day because of the limits of mega.

Parodos could you please also upload your game to some other website? For example:


Actually Itch recently increased my file size limit, so next update should be able to be downloaded directly from here :)

That's great news :)

Thank you very much for going through the hassle of contacting itch to get the upload limit removed. Many other developers do not bother to do it, or itch rejects them for whatever reason.




Good thing this one can be played in joiplay!


easily the funniest xxx game ive ever played by a wide margin. great visuals as well


Awesome game!!!


i love this game




Is there a way to fix this? I tried to see if there was a file with the name but there wasn't

It should be fixed next version, basically some unfinished content that got left in by mistake :)

cool, thanks

Looks good, will be back when there's an Android port. Also what studio was this made in? it reminds me of mist

The most recent updates(0.42 and 0.41) don't seem to work with the Itch Client.


Maybe its due to the file size being above 1GB? (this means I can't upload directly to Itch and have to use an external link)

I've mailed Itch and asked if its possible increase the upload space tho, so we'll see if that fixes it.


Ahh that makes sense.
I didn't know Itch only allows you 1GB to work with! :X

I hope they take your mail seriously.

es para 32 o 64 bits

el 64-bit

que mal,muchas gracias por responder


Wonderful game. Great humor. Battles are optional for those who just wanna see dem Goblins getting stuffed, but it is nonetheless engaging. Even when I knew I could cheat, I often fought enemies because it was simply fun. I hope you can come up with many more female Goblin names :)


Instead of a long chain of comments like this, would you guys/gals/and so on prefer a forum style comment sections?

Or is it good the way it is?


It's good this way. Although it might be easier for people to find help for problems on forum style.


Imho, the chain of comments is better. I like it this way much more than forum style.


Can we have both?
I feel like there are upsides and downsides to either way of doing it.


I think I have to choose one of them :(

Dang. Well, as a sort of fix maybe a thread labeled "general" or something like that could act as a replacement for this kind of chat, while opening up for the benefits of a forum.

it seems if you get any levels between chapters you are reset to a lower statset when you go to the next chapter

you mean when using chapter select or playing normally?

playing normally, leveled up a little bit in first chapter and when i went back after getting the other two members i was not at the same stats, i noticed because i used to overkill everything then i was not.  and when i loooked i went from i think 90 atk to 75 (using steel sword)  but for whatever reason the level and hp seemed like they did not change

I see,  in the first cave during the intro, you got a big attack boost that disappears afterwards. Its mainly there to speed up the intro and make things go smoothly.

But I will probably change it in a future update, to avoid ppl getting confused. I had another guy point out the same thing :-)


Does the game have Chinese

Sorry, at the moment its just english

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is fullscreen available in game ?

try clicking F4, it should work

(not alt+F4)


This game makes me laugh and cum


Can we ever get android version for this wonderfull game?

When its version 1.0 I will try.

Some people play it on android with Joiplay(or a similiar app)

I keep getting this right after the first scene and I'm not sure how to fix it.
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Haven't seen that one before. I'll look into it.

You could try this, there's a small chance it will help:


1. Go to this folder:   GoblinLayer\www\js\plugins

2: Open the file "LTN_SkipVideo.js" in notepad (or some other text program)

3: Select and delete all the text in the file. Save the file. 


(Do not delete the file itself, just the text)

(Do not change the name of the file).

Orgy scene reasle??

How exactly am I supposed to beat the third dungeon? Half my party is already dead from the first fight. This is literally impossible!

Items help a lot

And holy light to blind enemies

But I'm gonna rebalance those fights a bit

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what is the password for the door in the inn


If I'm not mistaken, you'll have to join Patreon for you to get the password into the inn.

ok thank you

Still encountering that bug where the blacksmith fantasy loop keeps going on, even after i get out of the shop or into other building.


Out of curiosity how long will the game be? Just asking out of curiosity, love this game a lot!

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 I don't think the main story will be super long - but after its done I might add some extra adventures and expansions. It's really hard to say exactly. I got an ending planned out, but the road to the end might go in a bunch of different directions :-)

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the dark souls sequel that we all wanted with Solaire as the protagonist. I guess he found his sun


As a Finnish person, the christmas mission was really fun, Santa's dialogue was amazing :D

Glad to see someone who could understand that part played the game :D


I havent played the game yet, but is the protagonists desgin inspiered by Dark Souls?

Solaire? Is that you? On a jolly adventure, I see.


Some jolly cooperation with goblingirls!




Haha, I love this! I always imagine Grimmjack's voice when Goblin Layer speaks. Great game, pretty funny. I wish I could offer help with the animations so they're smoother, but I lack the skills in that area. Anyways, looking forward to the next update. As of 0.36.8 (or that's what I believe I have) - 4/5


Well would you look at that... Mr.Falcon covering this game...

So after completing the 3rd goblin, I went down to the bath house and immediately the text got distorted and multiple glitches such as the character going invisible happened after


soooooo prego model


Praise the suuuuunnn ! Nice to see Solaire again :D

Will the game be added on Steam ?


Considering it's a parody based on an existing IP, probably not

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